Securing the healthcare IT infrastructure

IQware’s revolutionary solutions help you manage big data and guard against cyber warfare by transforming your IT systems and strategy

This could be the start of something big

Your healthcare organization stands on the brink of something big-using big data and big analytics to not only provide better patient care, but also to improve your operational efficiencies. But some rather significant hurdles stand in the way of your ability to capitalize on big medical data:
• Gathering and managing the data generated from PACS applications, medical records, databases, social networks, and other sources
• Storing massive volumes of data
• Obtaining the greatest value from your data

But the greatest challenge of all is securing all your data, all the time, from internal and external threats.

Today, there’s no easy answer to resolving this challenge because creating a truly secure data infrastructure requires transformational change. And IQware can help. Together, we can develop a business architecture strategy that will enable your organization to not only provide exceptional security for your data, but also:
• Seamlessly integrate all data stores/databases across your enterprise
• Improve patient outcomes with the intelligent, dynamic use of big data
• Comply with regulatory mandates, including HIPAA
• And much more

Creating a true sense of security

Countless healthcare organizations operate under a false sense of security because they run their IT on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified systems. While these systems and other temporary fixes such as firewalls, encryption, and virus protection software have certainly been tested, they cannot provide mission-critical protection because:
• Most medical IT systems are built on the TCP/IP protocol, which was designed for ease of connectivity, not security
• Web browsers, when layered on non-secure platforms, are open to cyber attack
• Firewall architectures use common protocols that do not provide 100% protection
• Anti-virus software guards against known viruses only; it cannot prevent attacks from new viruses and malware


When you work with IQware, you can get a true sense of security by deploying a custom-tailored solution built on HP OpenVMS—a transaction-based, real-time, tamper-proof operating system that when properly configured, has never been hacked and never been burdened by a virus. By creating a fortified foundation that provides mission-critical support for your entire medical IT infrastructure—PACS applications, electronic medical records, databases, network communications, internet, compilers and tools, utilities and libraries—your IQware solution will help meet your requirements for both accountability and assurance.

The secret of your success

Providing an uncommon cure for your big data security problems, IQware solutions are based on a patented (US #7,322,028, others pending), revolutionary development methodology that creates highly flexible, totally interoperable, cost-efficient, and very secure applications—which are actually a set of rules. Using simple run-time rules instead of complex programming, IQware solutions enable your organization to rapidly create new and/or enhance existing applications that deliver the right data to the right people at the right time. Providing exceptional flexibility and security, you can update these applications to meet new business requirements as they emerge—with no programming or code development involved.

Put security first

Contact IQware today and arrange for an assessment of your medical IT environment. Discover how mission-critical solutions from IQware can help your organization:
• Create an IT security strategy and architecture that protects your information assets 24/7
• Reap the benefits of big data and big analytics
• Improve continuity of your core operations
• Do more with less
• Enhance communications enterprise-wide
• Implement a master data plan that uses advanced data management software to enforce information management security and master data management