IQware Development Platform

As an MDM/BI system, IQware's patented software¹ harvests and displays data anyway you choose. And to meet rapidly changing business requirements, this scalable, flexible, highly secure environment enables you to make changes on the fly—without writing a single line of new code.

By controlling all capabilities and functions with rules, IQware enables all decisions to be made at runtime rather than compile time. This way, when you change a rule, you immediately change what the IQware-based application does—with no programming required. Using this innovative approach saves you significant development time, while also extending the shelf life of any program you create. For example, the IQware approach enabled one client to create, test and deploy a new pharmacy application for less than $1M and in less than 12 months. Similar applications created with traditional methods required more than $5M and 5 years to create the first version alone. Using IQware, the client received a flexible full-featured solution that supports on-the-fly changes and can continuously respond to changing regulatory, market and workflow requirements.

¹ See U.S. patent #7,322,028

To meet the growing need for bullet-proof security, IQware uses a highly secure Trusted Computing Base that offers proven immunity to desktop viruses and hackers. Using thin clients for endpoint devices, the IQware deployment model stores all data on a Department of Defense (DoD) level server—where the information remains safe from assault. 

In addition to unprecedented security, IQware also offers platform-independence. So no matter which device you use to deploy your IQware-based applications—thin client, desktop, iPad or mobile device—you receive the identical user experience.

If your organization operates in a regulated industry such as healthcare or financial services, you’ll appreciate IQware's ability to manage extreme volumes of information. By authoring rules with IQware, you can comply with regulatory requirements for full disclosure of information, while remaining confident that your data and processes won’t be disputed or compromised.

Scalable, flexible, highly-secure. That’s IQware’s promise for providing the uncommon cure for your data-sharing problems.