IQware for Federal Government Agencies

Your agency is accountable for numerous business-critical activities, including data gathering, information sharing, inter-agency coordination and regulatory compliance. You need an IT system that can support all these activities, while also maintaining business continuity.

Adding to the challenge is deploying a new IT system on time and on budget, and meeting all operational requirements and specifications.

You can meet all these objectives at once when you choose an IQware Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution tailored specifically for Federal Government Agencies like yours. Designed for information acquisition, presentation, analysis, archiving and secure sharing, an IQware MDM/BI solution can help you:

  • Adapt to new conditions and operational requirements as they arise
  • Eliminate information stovepipes
  • Collaborate and share information across domains and departments, without losing control of it
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Deploy common operational data across domains and departments
  • Efficiently access the right data in real-time
  • Eliminate information overload and miscommunication
  • Improve communication, coordination and national safety; correlate multiple factors to develop coordinated executable courses of action

Existing agency IT systems are…

IQware MDM/BI systems are…

Open to hackers and other external assaults

Hacker-proof and immune to desktop viruses


Highly adaptable, able to run on any system from a desktop to an emerging handheld mobile device

Costly to deploy, maintain, change and reprogram

Quick and easy to deploy and update on the fly, using rules instead of code. You can write rules for:

  • Interactive data presentation and display
  • Data acquisition and some pre-filtering
  • Data analysis
  • Menu items and operations
  • Report output and formatting
  • Database queries, data sources and related operations

Difficult to integrate with other systems

Designed to interoperate with your existing systems and data from all sources

Incomplete in terms of operational functionality

Comprehensive, offering operational tracking, auditing and reporting capabilities

Subject to unexpected downtime

Always-on, keeping systems up and running without operational and service interruptions

Difficult to align with regulatory validation and auditing

Highly secure with a complete, tamper-proof audit trail

IQware Command Center Applications – For agencies that require real-time communication and data analysis coupled with comprehensive system interoperability and platform compatibility.

Imagine you can:

  • Change your software on-the-fly to respond to a catastrophic situation like the 9/11 disaster—when fast changes can save human lives.
  • Rules-based IQware Command Center can help.
  • Centrally manage all information from all sources and provide secure, always-on accessibility during a wide-spread disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.
  • Interoperable IQware Command Center can help.
  • Access critical information from your PDA when faced with a bomb threat.
  • IQware Command Center with Intelligent DNA can help.
  • Acquire data from any source, across existing and disparate IT systems.

Built-in security with a Trusted Computing Base (TCB)

IQware Command Center Applications provide the information protection required by today’s Federal Agencies.

DoD rating of C2/B2

National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria (ISO 15408) minimum rating of EAL5

Reference Monitor

Mediating attempts by a subject to gain access to an object. An access control list is maintained as well as a tamper-proof audit trail of security-related events

Authorization database

Serving as a repository of subject and object security attributes, including access modes and allowed operations.


Layered on a secure operating system, IQware Command Center uses the Reference Monitor architecture to implement the security policy, while also providing full accountability, tracking and assurance. The result is a system that operates in accordance with the DoD Secure System standards.