Adaptable IQware software solutions for State & Local Government

Greater command & control

As a critical infrastructure IT manager operating in a State or Local Government agency, you face many challenges:

  • Managing massive volumes of data
  • Accessing current, complete, and accurate information
  • Making sense out of the information available
  • Disregarding information that seems unimportant, but becomes critical as an event evolves
  • Handling multiple sources of information and correlating multiple incidents and alerts to recognize, isolate, and define an event in progress
  • Gaining a clear and consistent picture of an emerging event, and then developing a coordinated course of action across existing command structures
  • Managing multiple on-going and emerging events, each with numerous associated incidents, to create a complete situational picture

Rather than continue to use your legacy business intelligence (BI) or analytics solution, you can work with IQware to deploy a flexible, highly adaptable Master Data Management (MDM)/BI system specifically for command and control center applications. Able to perform interactive data acquisition, analysis, reporting, auditing, presentation, and archiving functions, IQware's intelligent command and control solutions enable:

  • Information-sharing with no loss of access control or tracking capabilities
  • Customization to meet your precise organizational needs
  • Information assurance and validation
  • Interoperability and integration with all existing IT systems
  • Very high security with complete, tamper-proof audit trail
  • Real-time performance
Exsisting critical infrastructure IT systems are... IQware MDM/BI solutions are...
Open to hackers and other external assaults Hacker-proof and immne to desktop viruses, utilizing a patented, highly secure architecture; platform-independent solutions encrypt information to protect both data at rest and data in motion
Inflexible and non-adaptive Highly adaptable and interoperable, able to run on any system from a desktop to emerging handheld and wireless platforms and PDAs; deploys on all desktop platforms, including Windows®, Macintosh, Linux and Sun
Costly to deploy, maintain, change and reprogram

Quick and easy to deploy and update on the fly, using rules instead of code. You can use rules to create command center applications for:

  • Critical infrastructure monitoring, control and auditing
  • NASA
  • Power Management
  • Asset Management
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
Difficult to integrate with other systems Designed to interoperate with your existing systems and data from all sources
Incomplete in terms of operational functionality Comprehensive, offering operational tracking, auditing and reporting capabilities
Subject to unexpected downtime Always available, keeping systems up and running without operational and service interruptions
Difficult to align with regulatory validation and auditing Highly secure with a complete, tamper-proof audit trail


Built-in security with a Trusted Computing Base (TCB)

IQware command and control solutions provide the information protection required by today’s DoD.


DoD rating of C2/B2 National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria (ISO 15408) minimum rating of EAL5. IQware solutions enforce a well-defined security policy.
Reference Monitor

To ensure accountability, IQware solutions identify individuals and their various authorizations in a secure manner. In addition, the solutions store and protect an audit trail so that actions can be traced to the responsible party.

To deliver assurance, IQware solutions include hardware/software mechanisms that can be independently evaluated to assure that policy and accountability are enforced. The solutions also continuously protect trusted mechanisms that enforce policy and accountability from tampering.

Authorization database Serving as a repository of subject and object security attributes, including access modes and allowed operations.

Benefits of being rule-based

  • Cost-effective – Enables you to change software functionality on-the-fly with no costly programming
  • Interoperable – Ensures compatibility with, and adaptability to, emerging technologies
  • End-to-end security – Protects all information all the time; all unauthorized access is prevented
  • Central management – Provides context-sensitive, interactive, on-demand content delivery and data analysis
  • Cooperative – Works with your existing BI and IT systems