About IQware Solutions: A Brief History

The uncommon cure for common data-sharing problems

IQware works cooperatively with your existing (healthcare) IT systems. This advanced software platform prevents the culture shock that often accompanies the typical “IT improvement” in the healthcare industry. Using a patented configuration process (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending), all IQware operations are controlled at run-time by rules:

  • The single IQware application, combined with rules, delivers the desired operational capability.
  • Rules execute at run-time and can be changed while the application is running.
  • The rules are configured graphically by a special patented application.
  • No programming or programming knowledge is required to set up and configure an application with IQware; no new source code is generated; no new physical, executable application is deployed.
  • Persistent data protection is maintained throughout the data life indifferent to the program changes.

You can use IQware to handle all your common activities— including admissions, electronic medical records, pharmacy operations, auditing, and compliance verification—as well as performing interactive data acquisition, analysis, reporting, auditing, presentation, and archiving.

A common healthcare IT problem

Many healthcare organizations use traditional software applications that are inflexible, non-interoperable, expensive, and hackable— but the cost and complexity of implementing secure and efficient systems has been insurmountable. Until now.

Today, IQware offers a new development method that results in highly flexible, totally interoperable, cost-efficient, and highly secure "applications," which are actually a set of rules.

An uncommon cure

Using rules instead of programming, IQware solutions enables healthcare organizations to rapidly create new, and/or enhance existing, healthcare applications that deliver the right data to the right people at the right time. IQware Medication Therapy Management and Health Information Exchange products are based on IQware’s unique, patented, rules-based architecture and revolutionary development method—providing unprecedented flexibility and security. These applications can be updated to meet new business requirements as they emerge—without writing a single line of code.

Offering a paradigm switch from traditional software and development practices, the IQware Solution enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Change workflow and applications on the fly, eliminating the time-consuming software development cycle (i.e., programming and coding)
  • Increase information management security using OpenVMS— the highly secure operating system that when deployed properly, has never been hacked
  • Offer the user organization permission-based access control at the object layer, enforced by cryptography
  • Simplify development and deployment by working with any data source and running on any equipment, from a green screen to an iPad
  • Quickly adapt to changing regulations, audit requirements, clinical protocols and procedures, and compliance rules without disrupting current operations

The IQware Advantage

When you choose IQware Health Care Information System (HCIS) software  you receive an advanced solution that enables:

  • Total information access – From any source across the value chain, including hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and patients; persistently protected regardless of the network topography.
  • Removal of information silos – Streamlining hospital mergers and acquisitions.
  • Reversal of the 70/30 maintenance/innovation ratio – Helping you apply more budget to growing the business.
  • The ability to handle an audit with confidence – Many solutions claim to be HIPAA compliant, but they can’t produce a true audit trail; the IQware solution can audit every single mouse movement, making it truly HIPAA compliant.
  • The end of repetitive code development cycles – Using rule sets, you can develop functionality that has a virtually endless shelf life and is not dependent on any operating system or version; you can adjust rules to modify functionality without having to shut down the system or reboot.
  • Better security – OpenVMS systems provide security features and mechanisms that enable enormous volumes of patient information to be shared between healthcare providers, with more security than on any other platform.

IQware Development Platform at a Glance

Providing a revolutionary method for developing software, IQware is both a Master Data Management (MDM)/Business Intelligence (BI) application and a rule-based development tool. You can use IQware solutions to create new and/or enhance existing software applications that enable you to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

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Patented Technology

For regulated industries that demand high security, 24x7 availability, comprehensive audit trails and no-questions accountability, IQware's versatile, patented¹ software is ideal.

¹ See U.S. patent #7,322,028 and #8,924,928

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