Download and View the IQware Cyber Terrorism Presentation

This presentation was originally given as an Oracle-sponsored Webinar on March 19, 2015.  This presentation covers cyber vulnerabilities, recent "casualties" (victims of hacking), current status and pending legal actions.  The details of the successful "hack" and cyber extortion done on Sony Pictures is also described with special attention given to the inherent vulnerabilities of the TCP/IP protocol, the advantages that hackers have exploiting those and why net-centric defense approaches do not work and cannot be made to work.  The presentation describes a brand new patented software architecture (US #7,322,028, US #8,924,928) that, when placed upon a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) per the USAF's secure system model, functions as a secure IT system.  The rule-based nature of this new secure IT systems is also described along with deployment models and system integration models.  The presentation concludes with three game-changing paradigm shifts in software development, software deployment and software application structure that IQware has invented.