IQware Industries Served

As a full-function Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Intelligence (BI) system, IQware translates raw data into usable knowledge—quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Both a standalone product and a rule-based development tool, IQware follows a unique rule-based methodology that significantly reduces—and may even eliminate—the need for expensive, error-prone custom code development.

Highly secure and immune to desktop viruses, IQware MDM/BI software translates your raw data into usable knowledge through accurate, interactive analysis and presentation. To uncover any errors embedded in your raw data, IQware MDM/BI solutions apply a variety of patented internal security mechanisms. This way, all your information is verified and assured, and your downstream IT systems remain free of harmful (if not fatal) errors.

By following a platform-independent model, IQware MDM/BI can acquire data from any source—making IQware an ideal solution for deployment across disparate IT systems. Rather than compete with existing systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IQware extends and enhances those capabilities.

And to protect your long-term investment, IQware solutions are fully interoperable—running on any device, from a legacy workstation to an emerging handheld wireless device.

IQware's comprehensive products are uniquely suited to benefit the regulated industries:

  • Federal Government – for communications, auditing, tracking, and analysis
  • State & Local Government – for infrastructure monitoring, control, and auditing
  • Healthcare – for regulatory compliance, information integration, reporting and auditing
  • Pharmaceuticals – for MTM/DSM implementation, regulatory compliance and manufacturing and the growing group of independent pharmacists working in the new “patient centered medical home” arena.