IQware Patented Technology

Highly secure, rule-based and fully interoperable, IQware is the ideal platform for developing data mining, content management, and information-sharing solutions.

Addressing many of the problems associated with traditional software, IQware is:

  • Flexible – requiring no reprogramming
  • Interoperable – working with all current operating systems; no need to upgrade equipment or purchase multiple versions to use IQware
  • Highly secure and desktop-virus-immune
  • Centrally managed and deployed – reducing the number of IT staff you need, enabling more workers to focus on your primary business
  • Cost efficient – significantly reducing software development and deployment costs
  • Ready to grows with your business and respond to ever-changing regulations and standards
  • The uncommon cure for today’s data-sharing problems

By following a revolutionary new approach to application development, IQware:

  • Separates user-input from the rest of the application so malware cannot infect the critical business logic and program operation
  • Uses a Trusted Computing Base that is DoD rated B2/C2 for the secure server
  • Supports any laptop, desktop or mobile device, running Microsoft® Windows®, Linux or Apple operating systems
  • Includes a very thin client layer, which is available as open source freeware (XLIB)
  • Enables the secure server to handle all program logic, decision making and operation execution
  • Encrypts all communication to/from client devices


Rule-based development – IQware’s unique advantage

By converting an application into a "rule processor," IQware solutions use rules to control:

  • Business logic, program state and other conditions
  • Screen appearance, menus, toolbars, and other visual aspects of the application
  • All program decisions and operations
  • All database access, data formatting, data presentation and data display

In addition, IQware rules are configured graphically without any programming. These rules can be changed "on-the-fly." so new functionality can be added while the application is running.

Secure architecture protects information, no matter what

IQware patented data management software for secure environments

Delivering the right solution, at the right time

Using traditional methods to develop and deliver software on time, on budget, and on specs is a very tall order—even when you use highly experienced software engineers and the best development tools, or you outsource the project entirely.  To deliver the right solution at the right time, you need something different. Something unique. Something uncommon. You need IQware to help you deliver:

  • Superior and unique software that your competitor can’t match
  • Similar software functionality, but create it in a way that significantly reduces deployment effort, labor costs and time to market