IQware Personal MTM

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is for more than healthcare professionals. It’s also for patients. That’s why IQware created the IQware Personal MTM system. Offering full-function MTM capabilities from the privacy of your home computer or pharmacy kiosk, you can use IQware Personal MTM to:

  • Record and analyze medications – Keep track of medications, both prescription and over the counter, as well as vitamins and herbal remedies.
  • View drug interactions based on your current medications – Drug interactions automatically update as new medications are added to your record. Drug interactions are grouped by the severity of the interaction, letting you know when an interaction requires physician/pharmacist intervention.
  • Research drugs – To better understand a drug prescribed, you can research by ingredients, diseases treated, and pharmaceutical category.

  • Record drug, food, and environmental allergies – List the type of allergic reaction, as well as when the reaction occurred. IQware Personal MTM helps prevent unnecessary allergic reactions by automatically sending alerts when reactive medications are prescribed.
  • Communicate with health care providers – Send emails your pharmacist, physician, or other healthcare professionals. Print medication lists or other records to share with your health care providers.
  • Maintain your personal medical record – Save your vital statistics and preferred healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacies). Keep track of immunizations and procedures.
  • Save time – Send your electronic records to a healthcare provider before an appointment.