Pharmacy Software

IQware Pharmacy Software Solutions can be tailored to meet the specialized needs of your pharmacy. Our dynamic solutions include Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Compliance Program Certification enrollment, customized report generation, Quality Related Events, Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Analysis, Process Improvement Summary, as well as a variety of administration functions. 

Customized Home Screen

IQware Solutions can customize your home screen to suit your pharmacy's needs. Some customized features include:

  • Resource Center (resources, training documents, etc.)
  • Reporting Status (active/inactive)
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Compliance Program Certification Enrollment
  • Certificate available to print when CQI compliance is current
  • Can bring compliance up to date on subsequent screen
  • User must reaffirm compliance annually

View Customized Home screen

Event Reporting

  • This screen provides a snapshot of reporting activity for a chain or store
  • This screen is also a gateway for adding reports, including: (QRE Report, ADER/CADER (adverse event reporting and compounding adverse event reporting, Total number of prescriptions filled on a selected day, No activity to report)
  • Select a daily entry to view a summary of that report 

View Event Summary screen

View Event Reporting screen

Quality Related Event

  • The purpose of this form is to record quality related events within a pharmacy
  • If the QRE involved medication reaching a patient, patient information is collected for analysis.

Click here to view Quality Related Event screen

PSO Analysis QRE Report

Users can:

  • Define date range(s)
  • Select a user to analyze
  • Select data to examine
  • Select chart type
  • Examine individual incidents within the results set
  • Export results to a CSV file 

View PSO Analysis Date Range Comparison Report (1) (2)

Process Improvement Summary

  • This form is intended to be a summary of process improvements enacted by the pharmacy
  • Primary use will be internal for pharmacy

View Process Improvement Summary screen

Process Improvement Form

  • This form is intended to address a specific process that requires improvement
  • Users can track the quality improvement efforts planned, results of the measures and plan follow-up actions
  • Primary use will be internal for pharmacy 

View Process Improvement Form