IQware Global Markets - Global Solutions

IQware is a full-function business Intelligence ("BI") and Master Data Management ("MDM") system that translates raw data into useful information.  IQware is both a standalone product and a rule-based development tool. IQware is uniquely rule-based which significantly reduces - and may even eliminate - the need for expensive, error-prone custom code development.

Designed specifically for interactive data acquisition, analysis, presentation, reporting and archiving, IQware cooperates with existing ERP/MRP systems and "fills in the gaps" by performing operations that such systems cannot perform, significantly reducing both time-to-deployment and the labor hours involved in the deployment. IQware is scalable, adaptable, and fully secure, using a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) with a DoD rated security level of B2/C2 that is immune to desktop viruses. Its secure platform architecture allows information sharing without loss of control, a rule-based design for operational flexibility, and interoperability to help integrate disparate databases and avoid duplicate efforts.

  • IQware's products are uniquely suited to benefit the regulated industries:
  • Federal government (communications, auditing, tracking, analysis)
  • Military (DoD, information integration, analysis, reporting, C 3 I)
  • State government (infrastructure monitoring, control and auditing)
  • Local government (infrastructure monitoring, control and auditing)
  • Health care (regulatory compliance, information integration, reporting, auditing)
  • Pharmaceutical production (regulatory compliance, manufacturing)
  • Pharmacies (retail MTM implementation and regulatory compliance)