IQware Software Overview

IQware, Inc. makes industry-specific, patented (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending) content management and delivery software, sometimes called "Master Data Management (MDM)" or "Business Intelligence (BI)" software. Content management and delivery may include medical records, pharmaceutical data, drug interactions, demographic data, business operational data, command / control center data, and so on. Content management and delivery may also include POS (point-of-sale) advertising, ad tracking, and effectiveness monitoring.

IQware does centrally-managed, individually-tailored, context-sensitive content acquisition, content management, content delivery and content presentation across multiple vertical markets. The software performs interactive data acquisition, analysis, reporting, auditing, presentation, mining and archiving. The unique value of IQware software is that it is secure, immune to desktop viruses, platform-independent and rule-based.

IQware's MDM/BI software translates raw data into useful information through assured, accurate interactive analysis and presentation. IQware helps convert that information into knowledge by supporting its successful application, then by managing the results.

IQware also provides information assurance through a variety of patented (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending) internal, secure mechanisms. Information assurance is an essential component of MDM because errors embedded in the "original content" - or in the acquired raw data - are significantly amplified and magnified by the "downstream" IT systems. Such IT systems have few reliable, independent mechanisms(s) for information verification. The consequences of such errors percolating through the organization are severely expensive at best - and fatal at worst.

IQware can acquire data from any source. This makes IQware ideal for deployment across existing and disparate IT systems. IQware's products also extend rather than compete with the functionality of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") systems.

IQware focuses on the regulated industries, which have the following requirements and/or desires:

  • Tailored, secure content management, analysis, delivery and presentation
  • Information assurance and validation
  • Interactive and comprehensive reports
  • Interoperability and compatibility with new, emerging technologies
  • Many disparate data sources
  • Multiple disparate IT systems
  • Very high security with complete, tamper-proof audit trail
  • Integrate information disparate IT and legacy IT systems
  • Real-time (or nearly so) performance

These industries generally have one of more of the following characteristics:

  1. Deployment of legacy systems
  2. Inadequate information assurance
  3. Inadequate information integration
  4. Inadequate tracking capability
  5. Inadequate auditing capability
  6. Inadequate reporting capability
  7. Cannot meet regulatory compliance with existing IT systems
  8. Cannot meet performance requirements with existing IT systems

IQware's patented (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending)software has three critical attributes:

  1. It is hacker-resistant and immune to desktop viruses (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending)
  2. It is rule-based so it can be changed on-the-fly and without programming
  3. It is interoperable so it works with emerging hand-held wireless devices

With heightened customer interest in IT security, IQware software provides customers a solution to secure software application requirements. The rule-based nature of IQware's products significantly reduces or eliminates the need for expensive custom code development. This unique, patented (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending) feature allows third-party system integrators to compete effectively with ultra-low-cost offshore software developers because they can do a better job in far less time using IQware, and provide virus-immunity as well.

IQware's products are currently targeted toward the following industry segments:

  1. Pharmacies (retail MTM implementation and regulatory compliance)
  2. Pharmaceutical production (regulatory compliance, manufacturing)
  3. Health care (regulatory compliance, information integration, reporting auditing)
  4. Federal government (communications, auditing, tracking, analysis)
  5. Military (DoD, information integration, analysis, reporting, C3I)
  6. State / Local government (infrastructure monitoring, control and auditing)