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Break away from traditional software development cycle with IQware

Are you faced with software development challanges such as:

  Software that costs too much, takes too long to develop and doesn't do what you want?

  • Delivering software that is on time, on budget and that meets specifications is a process that is expensive, time-consuming, risky, error-prone and nearly endless
  • The traditional software development method is the endless "code-compile-test-debug" loop. The result: inflexible applications and legions of hard-to-find (and expensive) software engineers and programmers.

  Ubiquitous software development tools that your competitor probably uses?

  • Outsourcing reduces hourly rates, but how do you compete economically when everyone is doing that too?  And when it's all said and done, is the completed application nimble enough to adopt to your customers' ever-changing needs?  What's your unique edge?

IQware's leading-edge development tools give you a unique "edge"

  • IQware's patented (US #7,322,028 and 8,924,928, others pending) architecture significantly reduces - and may even eliminiate - the need for custom code development.

Deliver applications IQware's way and gain an "edge" to stay steps ahead
of your competition

  1.     Deliver superior & unique softare that your competitors cannot match.
  2.     Deliver similar software functionality - but create it in a very different way that significantly reduces the labor cost.
  3.     Deliver similar software functionality, but create it in a very different way that significantly reduces the time-to-delivery.