Bothered by the BASH Bug? IQware has it Beat!

Last week a new security vulnerability known as the “Bash Bug” or “Shellshock” stormed the internet with concerns of multiple security vulnerabilities for organizations that use the GNU "Bourne Again" Shell (BASH) in their products.  
Chet Ramy, maintainer of Bash, released patches for Bash within two days of initial discovery of the bug.   IQware re-compiled and regression-tested the Bash executable for the OpenVMS Bash kit.  
Historically, HP has taken a number of years to turn around open source project updates. IQware applied the patches in a matter of 24 hours and posted the rebuilt installation kits to the GNV SourceForge project.  The lesson learned: If security issues matter to you, IQware is your answer.
  • 2014-09-28