US Patent 7,322,028 awarded (others pending)

On January 22, 2008 US Patent #7,322,028 (others pending) was awarded for a "Method and System for Providing a Virus-Immune, Rule-Based Cross-Platform Software System" (click here for patent download) US #7,322,028 (others pending) both teaches and protects IQware's ability to act as both a standalone application and a rule based software development platform (click here for a detailed tutorial on Rule-based Software). The patent presents IQware's architecture as the preferred embodiment to reduce - and perhaps even eliminate - the need to pay for error-prone custom code development when developing an MDM application.

rule-based tutorial

IQware solves the problem of the increasing cost of designing, building and deploying complex software systems. The traditional software development method is the endless "code-compile-test-debug" loop. This method produces inflexible, non-secure and unreliable applications. It also takes a long time, is error-prone and requires legions of expensive software engineers or programmers.

IQware does things differently. As the diagram illustrates, traditional software is expensive, time consuming and error-prone. IQware, in sharp contrast, uses rules to specify the system's behavior. IQware's method is a lot faster, better, less expensive and produces a better result. To learn more, click here for a detailed tutorial on Rule-based Software.

  • 2008-01-22