IQware's MTM Connects to Life Clinic's Automated Health Monitor

Life Clinic logoLife Clinic Health Management Systems, the world's leading supplier of commercial automated blood pressure monitors, health stations and health management systems has agreed to place one of their state of the art LC600 units at the Discount Drug Mart location in Wooster, Ohio. The unit provides the capability for biometric testing including measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body composition, body mass index and blood oxygen levels. The LC600 also supports the uploading of all popular personal health management devices such as glucose, activity and respiratory meters, all crucial in supporting wellness and chronic disease programs. The placement in the Wooster location coincides with the deployment of the IQware MTM system. IQware will provide an interface to the LC600 so that this vital information can be integrated into the Medication Therapy Management process.

  • 2009-03-06