Discount Drug Mart Deploys IQware MTM At Wooster Pharmacy

Discount Drug Mart logoDiscount Drug Mart (, a leading drug store chain with over 67 stores in Ohio, will be deploying the IQware MTM system at its Wooster, Ohio location as the first location in a plan to roll out to other locations. IQware's patented (US #7,322,028, others pending), centrally-managed MTM system simplifies deployment, which allows Discount Drug Mart to seamlessly implement the system and rapidly identify patients who will benefit from MTM services. When changes in Federal rules and regulations are mandated in Medication Therapy Management, Discount Drug Mart will be poised to respond quickly using IQware's MTM system, staying steps ahead of the competition. Rather than having to re-architect, re-code, re-compile, re-test, and re-debug an application, a rule within IQware's centrally-managed MTM system can be changed that will take effect almost immediately to the deployed machines. IQware breaks the vicious, costly, and error-prone software development cycle. This saves Discount Drug Mart a lot of time and money. 

  • 2009-03-26