IQware, Inc. and Granite Gate Corporation have signed a Reseller Agreement and Shareholder Agreement

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These agreements make IQware a significant shareholder in Granite Gate and provide Granite Gate access to IQware's patented technologies for desktop-virus-immune and rule-based software.

"Granite Gate is pleased to have IQware as a shareholder and valuable partner. These agreements form the basis of a unique and valuable product to address cybersecurity concerns of the nation. IQware's basic patent for secure rule-based computing, Patent US #7,322,028, others pending, is an integral component in Granite Gate's premier product, the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution. IQware provides a process for delivering secure business logic within our architecture," said Edward Merrill, President and CEO, Granite Gate.

"IQware views cybersecurity as the nation's most significant challenge. Granite Gate provides an effective conduit for delivering our security technology on a national and international basis. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a shareholder and licensed partner with Granite Gate in the development and deployment of the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution," said Dr. Steve G. Belovich CEO, IQware.

About - Granite Gate delivers information-centric cybersecurity solutions. Its premier product is the Integrated Secure Cyber Solution that provides secure information sharing across networks and the Internet. Granite Gate also offers consulting services and computed-based training relevant to cybersecurity and their products.

Bernie Corjay

  • 2009-07-01