David Croslin joins the IQware team

David CroslinWe are happy to announce the addition of David Croslin to the IQware team. David is a globally recognized technology and business leader and is joining IQware as a consultant effective July 1st. David has led product and market innovation in global companies including his roles as Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard and Chief Product Architect at Verizon Business. David has acted as a trusted advisor to the executive teams of some of the largest companies in the world and has been instrumental in driving sales and evolving products for accounts valued at over $2B annually. David has twenty-five patents.

David is the author of the recently released Prentice-Hall book, Innovate the Future: A Radical New Approach to IT Innovation. In the six weeks since its release, the book has received praise from across highly diverse industries including telecommunications, electric utilities, venture capital, children's creativity, education and many others. Some of the executives that have read or are reading Innovate the Future include the CIO of AT&T, the CTO of Alcatel-Lucent and the CSO of Rogers Communications. David has been invited to speak on innovation at major global events including the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) in Riyahd in Jan, 2011. Previous speakers at the GCF include Bill Gates, Michael Dell, the President of the World Bank, Tony Blair and many others.

David's book is not like other books on innovation. It is not an analysis of historical case studies. Innovate the Future focuses on the future and provides a framework on how to deliver disruptive innovations and how to consistently deliver the best product with the highest transformative value to the customer.

We have been in discussions with David for the past 6 months. As stated above he has been busy finishing up a book. We contacted David to congratulate him on the release of his book and he stated "I'd rather be working with IQware." We asked him why IQware and he responded as follows.

"Software development and software products have largely evolved into commoditized markets driven by low labor rates and long time to market windows for custom features. This commoditization creates an environment of incremental innovation where products evolve slowly and markets and the competitors within those markets begin to stagnate.

In order to gain additional market share and to quickly enter new markets it is critical that companies be able to develop a 'good enough' foundational product that can then be quickly restructured and targeted at niche markets both large and small. This allows for economies of scale while at the same time delivering customized solutions. This further creates market disruptive innovations, such as the iPhone, that can completely shift or destroy older markets overnight.

I feel that IQware has created the perfect vehicle for shifting virtually any market from an incremental innovation model to a disruptive innovation model. The ability to create unique solutions in record time utilizing a foundational toolset that delivers secure and highly customizable and targetable applications is unique to IQware. IQware shifts software, product and market development from a technology based world into a business rules based world. IQware provides the ability to dynamically adjust a live application in real time based on desired modifications derived from an aggressive, highly competitive business model allowing companies to immediately respond to market changes and customer needs.

Any company deploying a product solution built on IQware can virtually overnight energize their market, maximally engage their employees and customers and disrupt the existing market status quo. IQware is in itself a highly disruptive technology that allows users of IQware to create new disruptive technologies."

David's desire to join IQware supports your belief in us and in our technology and adds to the credibility our marketing message.

  • 2010-07-01