Dr. Steve Belovich invited to speak at the Heritage Foundation's Cyber Security Briefing

Dr. Steve Belovich, CEO of IQware, will present "Cyber Security: How to Fight and Win the New War". The presentation will explain why common IT security approaches will not work and will present practical solutions and intelligent policies that can be successful.

Dr. Belovich's presentation will include the history of IT security, what was learned and where mistakes were made. He will explain why we are currently vulnerable from an IT standpoint, why traditional defense techniques cannot work and how IT deployment decisions made in the past significantly affect our "go-forward" options today. He will also cover the personnel, technical managerial and economic issues that affect the cyber battlefield.

An awareness of the history of IT security and cyber warfare is essential to understanding the real IT security problems and developing practical, effective solutions. These real-world solutions are the basis for defining and implementing relevant and useful cyber security policies.

This comprehensive presentation will also:

  • provide a "SitRep" of the cyberwar battlefield and identify vulnerable systems
  • address cyber security fallacies and the limitations of traditional IT security technology and network defense approaches
  • discuss prevailing hacker methods
  • present a secure architecture
  • define and present useful, realistic policies
  • and much more.

IQware, a leading software company in master data management, has developed, patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) and deployed a "disruptive technology" MDM system. IQware's innovative software platform is secure and virus-immune, HIPPA compliant, rule-based, and interoperable. IQware can be deployed via a non-intrusive installation; there is no need for an expensive overhaul of existing IT infrastructure. IQware is an ideal solution for hi-availability applications where security and operational continuity are essential.

Download Dr. Belovich's Cyber Security Briefing presentation.  

  • 2011-09-12